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    We've Revamped!

    If you've thought we've been maintaining a low profile lately, first of all you'd be right, and secondly it's because we've been revamping! We're a pretty young company to be revamping already, but we really wanted to make significant changes to improve the order experience and always, aesthetics. So, in no particular order, here's the improvements Klii Motorwerkes will feature starting June 2012:

    Pennsylvania Design Office: Our Pennsylvania location is now solely focused on design. Previously, this was where orders were filled and products produced. By separating that out, we'll now be able to do just design, which means more products with more development time to make sure they're flawless.

    - Virginia Production and Fulfillment Office: We've got a new Virginia location with new top-of-the-line (and we mean top) equipment! This office will be able to focus solely on producing awesome stuff while getting it to you quickly. We're super excited.

    Improved Order and Shipping Notifications: Previously, our system was not set up in a way so that confirmations were automated based on our activity. That made it difficult to send out manual correspondence, but we've fixed that now. We've got a brand new system that will keep you in the loop as soon as you order and as soon as your package is on its way.

    New Branding: It's an evolutionary change, but we've made adjustments to our graphics, lingo, and logo. We think each one is a step forward and better reflects our collective personalities while still looking the part. Plus, we love us some orange.

    Improved Shopping Experience: This is awesome. Our navigation is much sleeker to get you where you're going, and our products are organized completely under the models they'll work with. You'll also be able to see larger images of our products with more entertaining descriptions. We've also integrated a much cleaner cart while making it easier to add an item to your cart- no more selecting international or domestic for each item your adding.

    I'm sure we're missing some things here, but overall we think you'll like what we've done. And, now that this revamp is pretty much complete, we'll be focusing on launching new ways to add Precision Euro Design to that awesome car of yours. And if it's not awesome, checking out Klii is a good first step.

    A special thanks to Michael Grant, Tommy Carlise (check his work out at facebook.com/tommycarlislephotography), and others from the Volkswagen community for their photography to make this site epic. Enjoy the summer- it's car show time, and we hope to see you at some in the northeast!